We still guarantee precision, reliability, and a service that never leaves you alone

The chance to work with customers who need highly professional and specific products, technical assistance for individual articles, training on how to make the best use of the products, permanent training of staff-members in our headquarters: this is Sepca’s mission today. Quality also means on-going research directed towards creating cosmetic products and detergents that comply with all the standards governing occupational safety, hygiene and disinfection (HACCP).

Sepca provides equipment, products and a detailed range of services able to achieve the best standards for use, plus the maximum efficiency and lowest cost.


Customer service

On-the-spot investigations in the customer’s premises to analyse the best solutions and recommend the right products for the effective needs.

Staff training

Training of the customer’s staff-members by our specialized technicians so as to optimise the work times and costs.

Professional training

Dedicated training courses for dealers are their sales staff.

Check after sales

Periodic visits from our technicians in order to check the dispensing equipment, thus guaranteeing constant cleaning performance and optimise the running costs.

Servizio tecnico

Consulenza e installazione impianti di dosaggio.